OCD on Travel

This is a big problem of manage OCD at home when have you have got, when you go out of home during a big or little travel this is can to be a hell. OCD are for calm your Anxiety… you can to have in your comfort zone but it is normal that when you go out of your confort zone… they increase… but sometimes it can be the contrary on a travel OCD that you have at home it’s calm down… It’s my case… they did not disappear completely but they down.

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A SKIP DAY {Edition June 2017}

Tuesday, I had a very special day for my goals on the way to have more autonomy.


I did a go and back trip on the day in Airplane…ALONE until Nice.


This was hard… and now I do not wanted to go on my autonomy.


SPOILER: Alert a lots of photos of planes.


Few things GOOD and BAD.


I was not afraid of the insecurity of this world.

I talked to some peoples despite of my phobia and timidity.

I saw lots of Airplanes.

I stay sit same if peoples decide to sit side to me.

I watched a Hawai 5-0 episode.

I  do not want anymore to do thing ALONE.


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These last few days… SCHOOL {2017}

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Mother’s day

Sunday it was Mother’s Day in France.

I decided to give like gift at my mother my old ipad cause she wanted since a long time and few chocolate.

For lunch I ate almost nothing cause I don’t really hungry, I just tired to eat few crackers and tuna rillette that my mother to did.

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