These last few days… SCHOOL {2017}

These last few days, wrapped the last day of school inside, so I want to do a post about these days. Continue reading “These last few days… SCHOOL {2017}”


It’s Valentine’s Day and at the last minute I had think/I want to do a post with as topic What Is Love for me? Not only the love brought to a husband but Love give at somebody. (Side note: Aucuns man in my life).

What is definition of LOVE for me?


It’s persons which respects.

It’s persons which are listening.

It’s persons which are shown love everyday of little things.

It’s persons which/they say at each others<< I love you>> and are making cuddles.

LOVE it’s that for me!!! It’s my signification of Love, I don’t know if everybody think like me!!! But It’s mine!!!