Anorexia on Travel

Travel is not easy when you are simple Anxiety but when you have Anorexia that’s can be the chaos.

On travel, the most time we stay in a hotel and we eat in restaurants to each meals, so, I can’t eat necessarily my comfort food, it’s so hard, I did as same big steps on my recovery of Anorexia and I could founded few comfort foods on travel but that’s can created a lots of disputes with my parents cause I eat never enough for them but for me I decided that it’s not important I founded little solutions it’s better that nothing and I’m a little proud of me that I can search and founded some solutions, it’s not the perfect solutions or the most healthy but it’s can permit me of eat out, appreciate food time and do not lose weight. I do not like eat in restaurants in fact cause I found it’s very expensive for the quantity that I eat but same if a meal is very good and that I feel good psychological for eat him until the end I can’t generally cause of my little stomach size and I think that it’s a part of restaurant which makes me feel bad, always a big quantity in plate and I can’t all eat for me it’s to waste the money.


Travel it’s for explore new things and the food should be part it but with Anorexia it’s so hard.


Few little tips that I founded

1- Start with the first meal of the day: Breakfast: generally it’s easy for that I eat not really of Breakfast cause it’s about 9$ and for eat just a slice of bread or drink a glass of milk, it’s more expensive. I take something of home (biscuits, cake), I plan what I could eat before let home and I take the necessary that I put in a ziplock bag, Drink: I buy a milk bottle that I put in refrigerator in my room, it’s less expensive and then I eat as well a little. That’s is generally when I feel really not good with the food but these last times and travels I did not have need to do that, I took the breakfast of hotel but it’s can be a little stressful because I do not know in advance what food there will have.

2- Restaurants inclue often, simple and easy food (in condition of able to do face to calories), in big plate of Pasta with beef, I ask just to waiter, if he can to gives me just a simple Natural Pasta Plate, they fill the plate with enough of Pasta and I can just add sauce, it’s perfect for eat enough of Calories and less expensive on the bill at the finish, so, same if I did not finish the plate I feel least bad cause of to be have waste money. For drinks I make me a little pleasure with Syrup water or soda sometimes.

3- Desserts are some big deals and a lots of Calories, well, I can eat one when I found a thing that I love, sometimes when I’m a really not good time with food, I can plan of eat one every two days that permit do not private me but of manage and feel better.

4- On my food of rest of the day, that is depends of what types of travel it is but I can choose of eat a little (or BIG) Ice Cream, Nutella crepes, Smoothies, Hot Chocolat, I can eat entire thing or not depend of my mood and desire.


5- It’s a active travel, I try to choose of explore or move after lunch for do not thinking to what I eaten, not for remove calories but really for avoid of thinking and rather feeling good to explore new things.


6- In real: same if I’m on medium period with food, the meals can to be a little difficult but I forget rapidly when I start to explore a new thing that I wanted to see on a travel.


In conclusion: travel and anorexia it’s not a good mix in first time but with little reflections I founded few little solutions I managed to have a little comfort zone with food for do not prive me of my favorite thing in life TRAVEL. I have some accords between me and my Anorexia.


I think one thing for travel with Anorexia, it’s necessary to take the first big step of way recovery of Anorexia.


This was how I can manage Anorexia on Travel.





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IG Feed

Hi! It’s monday and in one week it’s back to school, today, I go talk about my Insta account, there is few weeks ago I started to create a Insta account because I founded that it will be a good extra to my blog and because photos is my passion/job. If at the beginning I posted not so much these last time, I really big feed my Instagram account.


On my account I post photos about how I feel, what I do, my favorites things, food, etc… My account is generally full of clear and light photos which is in report with my minimalist LifeStyle, suffers, Borderline personality Disorder, Anorexia, Anxiety… My Goals.


Few little photos I posted.

Looking around…


I have the upside head.


Scream, Ice Cream.




Angry? my sweet blanket and bear plush are my best calm down


Breakfast: Nutella Crepes on patio, that was good.


Turn, turn in the head until a stop.


Explore Washington DC.


Nap times are little good these times.


Learn more on Washington.


Strawberry Smoothie


Early BedTime #sotired.


When you choose marble cake for breakfast.


Clear clouds.


Today, I blogged “A Day In The Life”… A little summer/bored day. Link in the profile. With instagram I can announce what post I published on the blog.


Watching my sweet blanket be wash. “It’s hard of do no have you when you are here”.


This day was again a big day for increase my adult autonomy in this life


Sunday morning Pj’s time.


Snuggles with my blanket, she is the best sweetness and comfort.


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Here is my name account: @mixborderlineandanorexic

here direct link.




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OCD on Travel

This is a big problem of manage OCD at home when have you have got, when you go out of home during a big or little travel this is can to be a hell. OCD are for calm your Anxiety… you can to have in your comfort zone but it is normal that when you go out of your confort zone… they increase… but sometimes it can be the contrary on a travel OCD that you have at home it’s calm down… It’s my case… they did not disappear completely but they down.

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