Hi! I’m a french girl, 19, blogger, photographer who suffers Borderline Personality Disorder & Atypical Anorexia, Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Lack of independence cause I did not trust in me but who like take airplane, found goals for recovery, watch Tv shows, traveling, discover news things, scandinavian and nordic decor and I have a dream: Live in USA when I will be a adult and independent.

Some facts:

My life is bored.

I had suffered of bullying at school from age 7 at 13.

I’m homeschooler.

I never really had friends.


Diagnostic in July 2015 but symptoms are here since more time.

I’m tried lots of medication ineffective, actually and since the middle of October 2015 I’m take on Lamotrigine, Xanax sometimes.

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Start in March 2016 after one hard change in my life. I had before nothing ate above 300 Calories unintentionally after I’m private myself of eat around April at June I do not eat more of 800 Calories in July I’m fixed myself 900 Calories after in August I’m fixed 1000 Calories. Regular I fix myself goals.

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Here is my place where I track my recovery; writing my experiences/stories of my life has finally made sense of so many things.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog. If you also have on the way of recovery of Borderline, Anorexia, Anxiety or all other types of mental health, if you have tips/advices for manage problems of your mental health, you can contact me to exchange and help me!

If you want contact me for whatever: email me at mixofaborderlineandanorexic@yahoo.fr

PS: Sorry for bad english I’m learning.


Click here for again more informations on me.

French Version.

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