HotTub Days

SUMMER Situation


These last days was some special little summer days, 34°C and I managed to go in the HotTub with all my body without to have so much cold, I pass often when some sun days with just my legs inside because I love to be in contact of water but I have so much cold for go inside… but these last days I managed, it was cool.


This is a little paradise in Summer.

A thing that I love with the HotTub it is I can to put pool version or spa version as want.

Sometimes, I want Spa and occasionally Pool and or I mix the two.

The pool version, I put generally when I want just to be at calm.

The Spa version, it’s when I want bubbles cause I love that I found fun.

Whatever each version it is, these last days I could to be go with my entire body I enjoyed my favorites few times of the summer.


This was my HotTub Days.




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