June Food in Review

Today, it’s the last day of June and for this day I decided to post my <June Food In Review> before start this Review, see my June Food Goals here. I do not want lie to myself…


June was a very Hard month, I did a big relapse. I did not wanted to eat, try new things, at the end of this month I found a special thing when I did not wanted to eat… EGG, before I do not wanted/cannot eat or try to eat eggs but I founded in Egg a easy and simple, fast thing to do, at this moment where I was really not good time with my relation with Food.


I tried all the same to eat new things, Pizza, new Pasta, Sauce Pesto and lots of New Ice Cream.

My other fact about this month, I do not have eat Breakfast.


My problem this month was not the Calories.



Managed or not this June:


My goal for continue to eat my few favorites meals, it’s in despite of my big relapse more or less OK, I continue eat my very few meals that I love it and founded few new little things to eat like eggs, in despite of my relapse!

My second goal was try baking new summer thing for PhotoShoot, it’s not a very OK goal, outside meals I had not very bake, I use just Ice cream ready bought in store!

A other was to try eat more fruits and vegetables, I eat not any vegetables, I eat just fruits in Smoothies!

My fourth was to take good time when I cook, that is a little good and not very good, sometimes I took good time but sometimes in this big relapse I did not take good time, I hated that same!


See again more details.

Smoothies, Smoothies time!

A day this month I tested Smoothie to coconut, matched to a Vanilla Ice Cream but I hated this.

In May Month I ate every-morning Stuffed Pancakes Nutella but in June I’ve had enough, I tested Waffles at Nutella, I love it a little but I haven’t continue.


My dinner inclued Buns Bolo but at the middle of this month, I stopped to eat them.


I love eat with Tomato Sauce, my Rice and Beef Plate but also add to Pasta, I love these Gnocchi up, sweet like they are!.

I founded these mini raviolis with Cheese inside, OMG… I love it, they are so easy to eat.


Few begin of the month after I stopped to eat Chocolate Fondant. I did not wanted more.





Boiled Egg often, or too Fried Egg with a little of Ketchup.


I ate a lots of Ice Cream and I tested new flavors, Mint, Chocolat…




Resee my recipes that I have posted this month.

No Bake Individuals Mint Oreo Cheesecake

Rice and Beef Plate

Hamburger Pizza Hot Dog

Mini Raspberry Cheesecake

Rice with Tuna Steack

Simple Beef&Corn – Pizza

Cheesetizers – Founded!


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It is my June Food In Review ‘ s post.




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