Simple Beef & Corn – Pizza

Pizza: it was a thing that I want try to bake’ I started by this Simple Beef & Corn Pizza.




One Pizza Dough (round).

Tomato Puree – 20g.

40g Minced Beef.

120g Corn.


(Informations: For cook your Pizza Dough look on the paquet).




Unroll pizza dough on the special Oven Pizza Plate.

Took the tomato puree and spread with a Tablespoon on the Dough.


On a side, cook the minced beef, necessary time.

Add with the fingers the Minced Beef on Tomato Puree.

Finish in adding the corn on the Top.


Put about 14 minutes in oven.


Took out of oven and…


Serve, right NOW!




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