I’m a OCD person.

Yep! I have Borderline Personality Disorder and Atypical Anorexia but also OCD who are inside my life and they are so much.

My primary OCD are with number.


Count many times in the roll until some special numbers to may be all actions I do.


Every day, all long days.


Count, count, count for soothe my anxiety…


I do not take special drugs for OCD.

I take Alprazolam who tired me and sometimes when I tired I have less to force for count.


OCD’ s post.




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4 thoughts on “I’m a OCD person.

  1. Yeah it is. The OCD is still there but in the background. I describe it like turning down the volume on a radio. It used to be full blast but now it’s very low, almost beyond my range of hearing. It’s manageable and allows me to function.

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