Raspberry Bread

Tomorrow it’s Memorial day in my favorite country: USA. I wanted to post a recipe with of red, and something for the season: a Raspberry Bread.


250 g Of Flour

160 g Of Sugar

2 tps Baking Powder

100 – 125g Fresh Raspberries

2 Eggs

2 tbps Milk

85 g Of Butter

Whipped Cream for topping.

40g Chocolate Chips – optional


Preheat oven at 165°C.

In a large bowl, mix 150g Flour, with Sugar and Baking Powder.

Add Eggs one by one and the rest of Flour.

Add Raspberry, crushed in previously then add Butter and Milk.

(Add Choco Chips, if you chose to put in).

Put in oven during about 40 to 50 mns depending of your oven.

Let cool outside of oven.

Slice and Serve and whipped cream if desirate.

Fresh, summer, tasty bread.

Raspberry Bread.



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