Insecurity of the world

My insecurity in this world is really real.

I’m feel NEVER in security on this earth, agression, attack terrorist, violence, etc. when I see a military with Emergency Plan in France I don’t know if I must feeling me in security or not, they are here, ready if a problem but I don’t know if nevertheless we are in security of terrorist attack, NO! I don’t thinking but they are here for protect the populations, they are here for Emergency Plan but it is for protect against attacks terrorist, they are not here for protect of the aggressions, violences that there is in this world, the Police is here for that but they protect may be and help in some situations but they can not been all over.

I always fear of be alone when a problem happen at me and Police/Military are not at the same place at the moment and for that I can’t go somewhere alone by fear and I have a lack of autonomy.

I’m anxious of everybody in the streets and fear of a terrorist attack can to be here.

A insecurity world state post.



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