What I Wear

Ok, today, I could do two posts, I start with this one; entitled What I wear.

When the weather turn from winter/spring to spring/summer: it’s easy for most peoples to change, what they wear, pull and jeans turn into t-shirt and short or dress but when you weigh is under the normal, your body gives you more easy cold.

This is my first day that I can wear a t-shirt this afternoon, it’s 26°C, I went stay in my house rather that outside but I spended few minutes outside in t-shirt.

The thermometer turn between 15°C to 26°C at these times in my city.

Actually, generally I wear sweat, pull, t-shirt with long sleeves.

This chino bottom when I’m inside house.


This afternoon (in the middle) while I was in a pull in my home, I started to be hot a little, I decided to change for a t-shirt. (First that I can without to have cold).

My favorite actually also, it’s wear my pj’s the evening I put early inclued sweat and pants also.

Big first time, today wear a t-shirt without to be cold and exactly to turn in t-shirt cause  in pull I had a hot at 26°C.

This was a What I wear post.



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