Food: May Goals {2017}

After a long time of hesitation if I will do this post cause the big goals that I could to make myself for recovery of Anorexia, my tooth problems stops me a little on some. To do these posts “Food Goals” and “Food Review” are some of my favorites that I did last year for recovery of Anorexia and they help myself so much.

Here a fast Review of April.

So, I decided to do a May Goals all the same. Last month I managed to incorporate new food in despite of my tooth problems, some foods that I cannot eat before cause calories or by disgust.

There will not be a lots of goals but some that I think that I could able to eat despite tooth, for continue to refunded tasty in some food and combat my fears of some foods that I fear cause calories.

1- One first of for my goals is to continue to eat my few favorites meals.

Sloppy Joe is a favorite, a big progress also for refunded tasty in meat so before she disgusted me.

Mac & Cheese Recipe also a favorite.

2- Try baking new food for photoshoot

3- Found solutions for eat more fruits and vegetables.

4- To take a good time when I cook for photoshoot or simply for eat.

Yes, it is not some big goals but for me they are important also for recovery strongly of Anorexia and found tasty in food.

This is my Food: May Goals.

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