Wednesday, I wrote a post about my Skin Problems: Eczema and Ichthyosis.

Today, I write about the products that I use at this hour for manage these skin problems.

Ok, I do not use a lots of products for differents body’s parts a lots are not a success anyway; I use 4 specials in functions of problems and seasons; a lotion which is made by the pharmacy (inclued excipial hydrolotion and glycerine prescribed by the dermatologist during my thermals cures in La roche Posay for hydrate skin for Ichthyosis and sometimes I test others simple hydrate creams to buy in shop for add, 2 differents creams for eczema.

My two favorites brands for creams are La roche Posay (I made thermal cure over there) and Avene.

In functions of seasons, Lipikar, Cold Cream (I don’t like so much she is very oily) and add at my list for Ichthyosis and dry skin.

For Eczema: I use Flixovate prescribed the first by the dermatologist during thermals cures and Cicalfate.

I use in summer this water bottle.

Spring is a little coming, so, sun sometimes I test recently Solar Creams from La roche Posay the selection Antheolis two products for body at this time, I love.

See my post about my Skin Problems. (Click on photo bellow).

A Skin Products for my Skin Problems post.



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