Last February I wanted/needed to launch a challenge at this period I had choose 1 week = 1 season of Tv Show, a little recap here.

After this challenge I wanted to do again more challenges.

I had choose this week to do 1 week: yoga challenge.

Why Yoga?

It is a calm activity and since few times I wanted a calm time the mornings after breakfast and before get dress. After a little reflection I thought at this challenge.

What is this challenge?

Everyday mornings before get dress, I could sit down on my carpet to put myself on the lotus posture Yoga and listen some relax musics and this for 10 minutes.

I wanted start this morning but I could not: so, I will start tomorrow morning and finish on sunday morning.

This Challenge will it appease me or irritate me to be during 10 minutes without move and listen relax music.

And will I get hold? A big question.

To see, a review the next week.



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