Tuesday, I started my recap of my last little trip in French Riviera of last week. {Part One}.

Today, it’s post Part Two, day 3 (thursday) of the trip, in the Part One Cannes was the city or we had stoped and in this part the city was Nice (see my last Septembre trip at Nice last year).

In this day was more walking and road, rainy but not so much photos.

I woke up early, this day.

This day started with 3 pictures of food.

My breakfast, bellow.

A brownie for snack around 10H00AM before roadtrip from Cannes to Nice.

In the middle from Cannes to Nice, we stopped at a Subway for lunch. I took Sub 15 with tuna and cucumber.

After road again and search during about 1 hour a parking place. We had stop at a parking in old city.

Start to walk from old city to Promenade des Anglais.

A of my favorite place in France, it was emotional return here where there have been a attack terror and the NEXT day of London terror attack, it’s so sadly.

Blue Chairs.

Walking, walking on La Promenade des Anglais.

Flags on the edge with a of my country France…

… a of my favorite country USA.

Again, I found this chair exposition funny.

Not good weather but walk in a of my favorite place and taken photos.

A little later, we had walk towards Jardin Albert 1er.

Until Place Massena and Promenade du Paillon.

A of my favorite place in Nice also it’s Promenade du Paillon.

Later and around 03H00PM, we had search the car at parking and we took the direction towards La tête Carrée.

We had stop at parking of Museum Art Modern and walking until La tête Carrée.

I’m feel cool to saw her because it’s a long time that I want to see her.

And then after we took the road for go back at our apartment at Cannes.

My dinner was Tomatoes Soup and Yogurts for desserts.

I have no more photos for this day, I was tired and I went go to bed early.

This was the day 3 of the trip. The Part Three and the last of this recap of this trip will be on the blog next week on Tuesday, normally.

My favorite thing of this day was walk on The Promenade des Anglais and in Nice city be returned on The Promenade du Paillon.



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