Last week, I did a little trip in family around french riviera.

Normally, we should have to do that trip in spring break but for some problems we have done last week.

French Riviera (and particularly Nice is a favorite spot in France where I love travel.) this is not the first that we did a trip around french riviera, in February-March 2015 & in April 2016 we did the same type of travel.

I have 1 billion of photos and 4 particularly spots in 4 days and it’s for that I would to do this recap in three parts.

Let’s go for the one part.

We went to the airport around 1PM for our flight, but just when we go at the parking a of my favorite blogger that I follow at post a picture about a quotes of his daughter that is a so much help me to daily life and inspiration, this quotes had felt me a sense of highter inside my head before leave of my home’s bubble for the trip.


When we sit in front of the gate for wait boarding, few times later I received on my phone a notification for change the gate, at the opposite of the first gate, oucchh! this is the first time that happened but I love it because the gate was a one other part of the airport that I never see of the blow I saw a other gate, it is cool to see.


Climb upstairs for take plane.

Sit in my seat I was look outside the window and I saw this reflection of the plane.

Control tower.

This clouds that I love for the flight.

I write here, the plane is a favorite place for me, so, there is lots of photos.

Welcome Nice Airport, a favorite place.

After arrival, we had in the evening at rental car for search the car, the key of apartment and search the errands and after it was later for dinner I ate soup and yogurts.

and go to bed.

The next morning I woke up early and after open the bling, I saw that view.

Took my breakfast.

Later we are ready for Cannes, but before I asked for stop at a shop for a brownie.

The first was dedicated at Cannes and a cool and walk day. Around the port with this palms and green space I love this part of the city.

Walk and sit rocks with away a view on the croisette and beach.

Around 12PM we come back at apartment for lunch.

Mashed Potatoes.

After I watched a episode of NCIS New Orleans.

Ate yogurts.

And we are ready for a roadtrip at Grasse.

In afternoon we come back at Cannes and walk around Palais des festivales.

This sculpture is my favorite. AUDIOVISUAL.

Luxury stores.During walking, I saw a hotel with USA flag, I can’t stop for take a photo, I love hotel in France with USA flag.

Peoples started to work already for festival of Cannes in may.

Later, we back towards of the appartement and stop on the beach.

The exterior luminosity was as I love for evening beach photoshoot, so, I did it.

We come at apartment and get ready for dinner at KFC, I ate a chocolat Cream Ball in first (dessert first)

and these little in second.

Ready for bed, I took this night photo in first.

and on this photo that this post and the second day take end.

Next day it was a more active day and I could post it in a Part Two on thursday normally.


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