For starting, Food Recap change into Food In Review. Why? Because I want.

A view of my January of my Food goals.

January Goals:

1- Always above 1000 calories by day.

2- Try eat at little more of fruits & vegetables.

3- Add a little extra in my lunch box day.

4-Try eat pasta again.

5-Eat & Drink at Starbucks.

6-Not to weigh me every day.

Recap (am I managed?):

1- Yes and No! No it’s because my other problem that prevents me to eat but it’s not voluntary for lost weight.

2- Yes, but just a very little.

3- I did not do all tuesDay and thursday a lunch box but days where I dit it, I add little thing in more.

4- Yes, I try one time but I couldn’t more cause from my other problem but I would want so much.

5- Yes, one time not more.

6- Yes, perfectly some times I didn’t weigh me during 5 days in a row.

I had few favorites this month but since the middle I’m in a big relapse cause a big problem expect the fait of weigh me at this.

My favorites of this month.


Breakfast: Toast with a little butter and raspberry Jam.


Petit Pain au Chocolat & Hot Chocolate.


Cookies from Starbucks beginning January.


I had no cooking so much this month but I love it banana bread that I make.

During my Snow Trip my favorites was:


Chicken Nuggets from Mc Donald


This Nutella Crepe.


This Potato, Cheese, Chicken Hamburger (ate in this restaurant).

I had no other things at add because these last week I couldn’t eat as I would want.

December Food Recap here.

November Food Recap here.

October Food Recap here.

September Food Recap here.


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