Today it’s September 14th 2016: TWO MONTHS TODAY, NICE. In my city it’s again a hot day with 33°C but one of the last.


Smoked Salmon Toast with Salad, Tomatoes and The Laughing Cow for refreshment I love it and again more when it’s sun & hot day.


For this recipe:


1 Slice Of American Sandwich  –  38 g  –  105 Kcal

25 g Smoked Salmon  –  44 Kcal

10 g Tomatoes  –  2 Kcal

16 g The Laughing Cow Original  –  38 Kcal

8 g  Salad  –  1 Kcal



Toaster American Sandwich slice.

Spread The Laughing cow on the American Sandwich toasted.

Add on the top Smoked Salmon,Tomatoes and Salad.


It’s ready.

With this portions there is 190 Kcal inside.




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