Hello, today it’s life lately with a first psychiatrist appointment since two weeks, a little try to back to school.

Friday afternoon I had this Kiwi Chocolat Chip Bread and I love it.


Yogurt with Raspberry Sunday afternoon.


Monday I go to my first psychiatrist appointement since two weeks or I could ate my favorite sandwich that it’s not me what does it without counting calories.


Lots of days at watching PSYCH with ate one paquet of Prince Of Lu or Ice Cream Cookies Chocolat Chip.



I love it this sandwichs that I made it Tuesday evening with 13 g Of Mozzarella ( 31 kcal ) , 10 g Of Smoked Salmon ( 19 kcal ) , 15 g Of Laitue ( 3 kcal ) and 39 g Of American Sandwich Bread ( 105 kcal ).


… a very little trip at IKEA.


That is a Life Lately. Bye


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