PHOTOS 101: Take better photos with her Iphone

Two months ago, I started this monthly post: PHOTOS 101; a post where I talk of a subject special, see above what I will talk what month.


This month it was planned on 12 July but in this week I stopped temporary of blogging because I was on Family Vacation, so, I decided to post today.

My previous photos posts:

Photographer But Organization Photos Big Problem.

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How I edit my photos.


Subject Today is…Take better photos with her Iphone.


The IPHONE is generally always with us, my first fonction of a Iphone is for call but take photos Is the second. In a bag, pocket he is perfect for take daily photos where the regular moments who necessary to take a rapidly photos.


He is not a PRO camera.


Few Tips can to give a Pro ressemblance Photos.


#1 Place the subject in light place.

The natural light is the perfect ally for take clear, light and beautiful Photos.


#2 You can use grid for place better you subject.

If you have some problems with composition, use the grid for better place the subject, the perfect place for a subject is on strong points.


#3 Do not use the flash

Worst enemy of Iphone Photos, do not use the flash same in a dark place (like night) took without flash and try to edit in post-treatment the light of the Photos, rather.


#4 Do not use the Zoom

Do not use the Zoom bring at maximum of the subject but again once time “Do not use the Zoom” the photo will be not clear if not.


#5 Use a reflector

Use a reflector if you can that will be remove the unwanted shadow.


#6 Open clutter

My first type was to place the subject in light place, ok, open clutter when you are in a room with clutter for left pass the light.


#7 Use the rapidly settings on Iphone

The rapidly with just a touch on screen of camera, above for more light and below for more dark, can be good for simple light problem.


#8 Do not forget to the edit touch position on screen

Simple touch with a finger use the square for to do the perfect edit on the subject that you take on Photos.


Actually this is my best companion for take Photos, Iphone, rapid and clear with just these few rules you can take awesome Photos.


Photos 101: Take better photos with her Iphone.


See you tomorrow for CORSICA 2017 Days 3 & 5 Vacation Recap.




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CORSICA 2017: Days 1 & 2 I GO

Today, I start the recap of my Corsica 2017 Vacation with days 1 & 2.

I left home on 4th July for my Family Vacation and I returned on Saturday.


This Corsica Vacation was start to planned on January. My mom, dad and sisters went.



4 Days on 10 without family disputes… A record on a Family Vacation, never passed 4 Days without.

1 Exit feeling bad dinner Restaurant.

2 Differents Ferries.

4 Kangaroos.

1 Forget daily Lamictal drug morning… my First time of this year that I forget.

3 Extreme Early Alone Beach Time… A BEST THING ON THIS TRIP.

1 Eat full Tuna Sandwich.

2 Beautiful colors of Flowers.

2 Nutella Crepes.

A lots of Beach Time.

A lots of Chocolate Beignets.

A lots of Dinner with Eggs… My best actually Dinner.

A lots of Lunch with Pasta… New discovered Favorite.

A lots of Ice Cream… All vanilla.

A lots of daily Smoothies.

1 Firework.


and again more things to see during this recap Vacation.


This Corsica Vacation was GOOD and BAD on some things, this was my first time that I went on a Island it was cool, I love it, Corsica is a beautiful on some things but it better to go on a big city for see more things, we stayied on a Camping with mobile home. Drive on a lots of mountain roads a thing that I hate. A exhausted thing; Family problems was a big problem, I had a few breakaways for find ALONE and calm me and escape of my family for try to continue all that. My breakaways was a very best positif thing, I think, because that show my evolution of all long year, during a Family Vacation with the problems the last years I wanted always to do breakaways but I did not managed cause of my anxiety but this year I’M MANAGED, I’m proud of me a little, I had my anxiety but I did it.

I declared Ferries like a Favorite tips of travel after Airplane and my Legs when I’m not tired. The water beach was hot, it was good for me like I have always cold, the weather was awesome 34°C, a best for me again I had almost not never a body cold.


If I return in Corsica it could only in Airplane, not in Ferries (Ferries time was of about 6h30) it is a long with about 12 hours of Car before (the go and back we have do it two days with stop a night in a hotel). AND my mom and me are agree together… the ferries was a experience that we wanted to do but the next it will be in Airplane.


We left home on 4th July about 08H30AM the first part of the go of trip my mom and me took the High Speed Train.

Departure Hour was 10H05AM and about 6H00 of Travel.

During this time, I watched a American Presidential Airplane documentary. WHY? because since a long time I wanted watch it and was 4th July, so, I decided that could the best day for that.

For lunch, I ate a Tuna Moricette, on the photo on the top, drunk a Capri Sun.

4th July, I read also this book on Who Is Barack Obama ?, I wanted to know more on him.

We arrived at the Gare station about 04H20PM and I search thing to eat and I found this Chocolate Fondant and I choose to take it and eat it.


After my dad and sister who drive the travel way with the car, we search my mom and me at the Gare station and we check our hotel around 05H00PM, we rest in the room and about 07H00PM we search a Mc Do for eat dinner, a was localized just next of the hotel.

I choose just a Ice Cream and few Chicken nuggets.

A Red Ice Cream because it was 4th July…

Chicken Nuggets because it is in my Food: July Goals.

After Mc Do we went walk around to port who was to few minutes and we watch a Ferries left the port.

We went to bed early cause the next day was Ferries and very early.

Psstt: On this 4th July and travel I got dressed with a America T-Shirt and of Red, Blue, White.


We woke up at 04H00AM, we arrived at port about 05H00AM we waited during about 1H30 before boarding with the car in Ferries, the time when the car was parked we left fastly the car for go in Ferries, my first impression Ferries was “It is really BIG!!!”. We decided to install on terrace for the view. On the photo and view on other Ferries in the port. It is early and also cold but I decided to rest for see the departure. Ferries departure was 07H30AM.

About 07H00AM we are arrived on terrace the time to found the way for get there. I took photos the time to wait.

I was a little hungry, I found this Muffin but I did not eat all.


Departure was on time, we watched the view and after few minutes we crossing big clouds and it was windy and only 15 minutes we left the port we decided to come inside because it was too cold. We have took a little time before found a place because the Ferries was full and the places also.

We search a place for eat Breakfast and we found this. This boat impress me so much!

I ate two of these pancakes with Nutella and drunk a hot chocolate.

The breakfast Restaurant was the end completely of the boat and I was sit next of a window after this view of the background. The photo is not good and the window dirty but it was the view.

Follow the breakfast we search a comfort place for the 5H30 of time who rest.

Once time found, I decided to go on the deck outside ALONE for see the view and in the seconds next I LOVE IT. This was awesome, it was not hot but I love it the feelings of that place I watched a rest a lots of times here… just for watch and feel good, I loved to rest just on the edge of the barrier and BONUS: I had no suicidal ideas during this time, I will have and maybe do it because I’m really not good these last times but NO, I love.

A founded a labyrinthe in this Ferries and I love labyrinthe, so, I decided to explore ALONE again this boat and Floors, I love it, it was a Good time to did.

And during these long hours, I decided to go again ALONE on the deck outside, I explored the labyrinthe boat ALONE and watch and play inside with my Ipad but Outside on the deck and explore the labyrinthe was my really favorite time.

On a Big Boat, see A little boat.

I did a little passage on the terrace again during my exploration labyrinthe boat.

Explore, explore, explore…

The exploration gives me thrust;).

A lots of others view of deck outside.

Lunch: I found a Corsica sandwich with cheese, ham and others but I don’t know more what, I did not eat all, because my favorite place it is on the deck outside during my family ate inside I ate outside on the deck with a view awesome.

1H30 before arrival we had start to see the Corsica coast.

We arrived and the lines of cars are impressiv, we left the port at 02H00PM and a little view on the Ferries before take the road.

A of the first views of Corsica Island.

We took the road on the way for Camping about 2 hours and a lots of roads with mountains thing that I hate,GRRRR.

We arrived to Camping about 05H20PM, we check and put the languages during a time and my family is long for that, me I can to do it in least of 5 minutes and I hate the peoples who take some lots of hours.

So, I was hungry and decided to eat few Mikado during this time.

Time for dinner I eat just this Egg because I did not eat others thing.

Hereafter dinner and showers time, we went on the beach about 09H00PM and visit the Camping a little time after the night was rapidly here.

First steps in the Sand…

Firsts views on the beach…

I play to take a good time for take Photos.

I put the first time my foot in the water, first impression She is hot.

I love to take SandPrints photos.

A night view behind the sea and on the Camping.

Beach view.

We back to the housing about 09H40PM and I ate a Lemon Yogurt before went about 11H00PM in bed and between these two time I do not know anymore what I do.


This is my first two days of this Family Vacation.


What can I hold of these first two days?



The Best hot water.

The Ferries time… a Best despite of long hours of travel, on this time I same declared that I inclued in my favorites tips of travel.

No again of problems with my Family time.

First time Photos on the beach.

A 4th July time.

Early woke up for the Ferries, I love it.


Here these first days of Family Vacation in Corsica ‘ s post.


See you Wednesday for Days 3&5.

Tomorrow, it’s my monthly PHOTOS 101 post with Take better photos with her Iphone.




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Hi! I’m back after a little break on the blog cause my Family Vacation and this blog missed me a lots but I decided to take this break for may be resart again better. I could start posts of my recap of Vacation on Monday with Part 1 and if I start to post today it’s because I want to do a post for INDEPENDENCE of france and NICE my heart is so full with Nice but I do not post on this weekend for that moment.


…But not only, it’s too 1st Anniversary of Nice 14th July 2016 terror Attack.

I could have suppose to watch the diffusion of memories on Tv today but it’s too hard.

I think, think to Nice, to peoples, victims, peoples died, family.

Nice it is my favorite city of France, I am go some times in this city and this city is my best for what I want to do on a trip. Here, see my last September 2016 trip in Nice and a few of Nice you can see also in I take French Riviera here or again my skip day (my first travel in the day on airplane alone) here.

14th July 1989.



It’s a post French Independence day.




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Food: July Goals {2017}

Today, I decided to post my July food goals.


A view fast Review of June Here.


Last month was a month with a big relapse, I did not wanted touch to the food but this month I feel that I go up and I want more, so, I will try, this month is also a special month cause I’m on a trip for Summer Family Vacation and which says trip says others manner to eat.


Ok, this month my goals are the simple but I have others new little goals.


1- One first of for my goals is to continue like always to eat my few favorites meals, it’s hard, I have not so much favorites meals of June month with my relapse but rest on the same few favorites like Eggs, like Smoothie etc… and this month try to found new favorites meals for give me back of June’s relapse.

2- I want eat more Chicken, I eat never Chicken but there I want and so much.

3- Bake Summer Stuffs for PhotoShoot.

4- Eat Ice Cream, NO CALORIES FEAR!

5- Appreciate the Summer Food.

6- To take a good time when I cook for photoshoot or simply for eat.


From Today, I take a break on the blog cause I’m on a Summer Trip with my Family, this during few times, I will normally come back on 14th July.


This is my Food: July Goals.


Bellow my last goals months

Food: June Goals {2017}

Food: May Goals {2017}

Food: February Goals

Food: January Goals {2017}

Food: December Goals

Food: November Goals

Food: September Goals 





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The Land Of The Free.


You have a beautiful flag.

USA I love you.


Red, Blue, White.


You are the country where I dream to live in my futur.


This little USA flag in the frame on the photo and sit on my nightstand.


4th July 1776.




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